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De-Coupled CMS with Backbone.js

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Simple Content Management

Transit is a backend agnostic approach to content management, using the power of Backbone.js. Typical CMS platforms are all-in-one solutions, containing both a back-end application, and front-end interface. Transit aims to be only the latter.



Transit is available as an npm module, or you can use one of the links on the left.

npm install transit

Managing Content

...more information coming


Transit is written in CoffeeScript, and is designed to function as a NPM package (currently the library has not been pushed). Tests are written using jasmine and coffeescript.

To contribute, fork the repository on GitHub and send a pull request. Be sure to include the issue # of your fix or feature implementation (if applicable), as well as any relevant tests/specs. Pull requests without associated (and passing) tests will not be merged.

Tests are written with mocha in CoffeeScript. To run them in a browser environment simply run:

node support/spec.js

and point your browser to http://localhost. The provided http server will handle compiling the spec files into javascript.

Backend Integration

To assist with backend integration, additional libraries are either planned or in development. This includes a Rails engine (nearing completion), and a restful PHP backend (in planning). If you'd be interested in contributing to either of these, please shoot us a message on Github.